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Marca oficial do Ponto de Contato Nacional

About the NCP

The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are supported by a unique implementation mechanism. The adhering governments must establish a National Contact Point (NCP) to promote the Guidelines and to facilitate mediated solutions to the issues raised by Complaints of non-compliance with the Guidelines. More than 250 “cases” have been raised along with the NCPs in the last 10 years. Most deal with employment relations, environment and human rights violations.

How to Submit a Complaint

The National Contact Point (NCP) has as its function, among others, to receive Complaints of non-compliance with the Guidelines. The purpose is to facilitate a mediated solution of the issues of the Complaint, which could be presented by any directly interested party, an individual or legal entity, including associations and  employer’s and workers’ unions. More information can be found here.