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Final Statements

The NCP will publish the final statement of the procedures, which may have the form of:

a) Statement, when this is the rapporteur's recommendation in its Report of Examination;

b) Report, when the parties reach an agreement; or

c) Statement, when there is no agreement or when a part is not willing to participate in the proceedings.

The statements and the reports of NCPs are first submitted to the parties so they can, within fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of the notification, express their views about their contents and suggest changes they deem appropriate, which will be evaluated by the NCP. Moreover, if the NCP considers that it would not be appropriate to publicly identify the parties in its final statement, it can be written in order to protect the identity of the party.

The statements and reports of NCPs are public, except for the information for which confidentiality is specifically requested. The statements and the reports will be duly forwarded to the parties, to the OECD and to the NCPs of the host countries of multinational enterprises that are parties in the Notification of Non-observance and published on the NCP website.

The Final Statements and Reports are available below. For more information about the procedures adopted by the NCP access the full text of the Resolution PCN No. 1/2012, in English. The Initial Assessments are available, in Portuguese, here.