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How to submit a Complaint

Understand the process and the requirements to present a Complaint


The National Contact Point (NCP), coordinated by SAIN-MF, has as its function, among others, to receive Complaints of non-compliance with the Guidelines. The purpose is to facilitate a mediated solution of the issues of the Complaint, which could be presented by any directly interested party, an individual or legal entity, including associations and  employer’s and workers’ unions.

User: individual or legal entity

Means of Access

Website: www.pcn.fazenda.gov.br,

E-mail: pcn.ocde@fazenda.gov.br,

Telephones: +55 61 3412-4078,

Address: SAS Quadra 3 Bloco O, 10º Andar, Ed. Órgãos Regionais/MF.

Postal Code: 70079-900, Brasília-DF, Brazil.

Requirements to obtain services

1) Be a directly interested party in relation to the fact that originated the Complaint;

2)  Forward the information specified bellow to the NCP, through e-mail (pcn.ocde@fazenda.gov.br)  and physically (Ministério da Fazenda, Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco P, 2º floor, room 219, Postal Code 70048-900, Brasília-DF, Brazil);

Information to be provided

 I – Identification of the complainant, names, addresses for mail, physical and electronic, phone numbers and fax, of the person (people) responsible for contact.

II – Identification of the Multinational Company, object of the Complaint, indicating the name of the representative in Brazil, address for mail, physical and electronic, phone number and fax; 

III – Specification of which article(s) of the Guidelines are not or were not supposedly being followed by the Company;

IV – indication of how the Complaint reflects, even if only potentially, on the Complainant or the people by him represented;  

V – description, if it is the case, of efforts made by the Complainant so that the Company solves the issues raised in the Complaint and the results of these efforts;

VI – copy of documents or information that could be used to understand the facts or circumstances that characterize the Complaint;

VII – specification of which materials are confidential.

2) not have sent the NCP another Complaint about the same fact;

3) not submit Complaints whose fact has been judged in a final decision; and

4) have acknowledgement of  the fact in less than 12 months from the date of submission to the NCP.